The cost to place a Single Listing is $79.99 per month.
The cost to place Unlimited Listings is $149.99 per month.
The cost to send Unlimited Emails to listers is $39.99 per month.

Your listing(s) will automatically renew and you will continue to be charged the monthly price you agreed to when subscribing – unless and until you cancel.

Any subscription plan can be cancelled at any time.

No. You pay a fee to list your business for sale on AviationBusinessesForSale.com only. ABFS is not involved in the final transaction in any way, and does not collect any additional fees or commissions.

Sorry, we can only accept payment by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

The AviationBusinessesForSale.com website is fully secure, PCI-Compliant. We use “Stripe” a leading transaction and payment processing platform to encrypt and process your credit card information. Absolutely no credit card information is stored in our systems. You can rest assured that your transaction will be safe with ABFS.

Our platform is flexible in allowing you to enter as much or as little information about your business as you like. For example, you can provide the exact city of your business or reveal only the state or general area. You don’t even have to give your name or contact information.

Interested buyers will contact you using a simple email form. These inquiries will be emailed directly to you, and available in the MyAccount section of the ABFS site, but your email address will not be revealed to the buyer.

Absolutely! You will have an account set up on ABFS complete with a password. You can log into your account at any time during the term of your listing and make any changes you want to your listing information. Any changes you make will be reflected on the website instantly.

ABFS never sells, rents, leases or otherwise divulges your email address to another company. And we will only send emails that you have asked to receive.

In addition, your email address will not be shown on your listing ad. Buyers who wish to contact you will use a simple online form to do so, and will not be given your email address.

This online platform was created by Merger & Acquisition professionals to provide the aviation community with an online marketing tool for buying and selling businesses in the their field. The only cost associated with posting a business opportunity on our site is the monthly subscription.

Selling a business (from listing to final executed agreement) typically takes between 2 to 18 months. A recent study shows that 4% of businesses sell in less than a month, 26% within 2-5 months, 54% within 6-11 months, 16% within 12 to 18 months, and 1% of businesses take more than 18 months to sell. Average sale time varies within different industries using phones and tablets, and has active followings on various social networks.

Yes! We offer a full 30-day, free trial. If at any time during the first 30 days after you have posted your listing you decide that you are unsatisfied with ABFS’s service, just let us know and we will remove your listing from the website and you pay nothing.

The only information required is a listing Headline, Business Type, Country, State, and County where the business is located (you may choose to keep County confidential). Many other pieces of informational are recommended, such as Asking Price and Cash Flow. You can start out with the required information and fill in more information after listing your business.

Yes. To view stats please go to your Manage Listings page, select listing actions from the dropdown next to your listing, and choose View Stats.

To cancel your listing please go to your Manage Listings page, select listing actions from the drop-down next to your listing, and choose “Deactivate Listing“.