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Military & Commercial Aviation Ground Suport

Acquisition Opportunity

Innovative growth company and leader in military and commercial aviation ground support product manufacturing with expanded reach into the energy industry. The Company offers user-focused, turn-key solutions with fully integrated capabilities from design and engineering through fabrication, . . .
Ground Support

Aerospace Testing

Sommunications & GPS Technology

With decades of aerospace experience this veteran-owner/seller has two unique but interchangeable businesses each of which contribute nearly matching revenue. The first is a veteran operated company with decades of combined experience from a team of skilled engineers working in the aerospace and . . .

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Aircraft Dealer

This new to market aircraft dealer is preparing for retirement and would like the opportunity to train and transition the next owner of this very profitable business.

Aircraft Transparencies Repair

aircraft maintenence

Family owned and operated since 2004, the owner would like to find a proper fit for this hi grossing overlooked service.
Aircraft Maintenance

Market Leading Foundries

Aerospace, Military and Racing Industries

The company has onsite manufacturing capabilities and is an ISO 90001 and AS9110 certified company. Capabilities include: Pattern Shop: Complete Pattern & Casting Engineering Services Molding Capacity: Green Sand & Dry Sand (ounces to 3’ x 3’ flasks) Metal Control: Pyrometer, Spectrometer, . . .